Review Policy

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by at my blog. :)

I’d gladly accept books for reviews from authors and publishers. Please do note that I’m based in the Philippines. I accept paperback, hardcover, ARC and even eBooks (epub & mobi format only). Self-published books are also welcome for me to review if your book will fall under these genres:

Young Adult books 
*Science Fiction
Middle Grade books 
New Adult books 
*Contemporary Romance

If your book doesn’t fall in any of the genres that were stated above, just email me the synopsis of your book and if I find it interesting then I might consider.

Always expect an honest review from me. I live a very busy life but I will try my hardest to post my reviews on the given time. Aside from posting my review in this blog, I also post it on Goodreads and Amazon. But if you want, I can also post it on other sites. :)

Questions? Inquiries? Want me to review your book? Or just want to say hi? Then send me an email at:
diaryofabookmaniac [at] gmail [dot] com

… Or you could just tweet me on Twitter [@operativealyssa]. I will reply as soon as possible (maybe a week or so). Thank you! Have a good day. :)