Book Trailer Reveal + Sneak Peak: Transgression by Brandy Ange

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About the Book

Title: Transgression (The Kingdom Come #1)
Author: Brandy Ange
Publication date: May 2017


Achaia was just a normal girl. Well, if you’d consider moving to a different city every few weeks, normal.
But when her father, Shael, disappears, she finds out just how far from normal she really is.  
Caught in the middle of a war between angels and demons, a battle that has been raging for centuries, she no longer belongs in the mortal world. Problem is, some argue she doesn’t belong with the Nephilim either…
In the spiritual world it’s choose or be chosen, but allegiance must be pledged. Achaia is forced to make an impossible decision between angels, that want nothing to do with her, and demons, who want too much… 

With only a handful of allies, will she be able to find her father? And if she does, will she be too late to save him?

Sneak Peak

Achaia turned to see Olivier standing in the hall, looking alert. His weight was distributed evenly between his feet, and his arms hung a little ways from his sides. “What are you…? How did you…?” Achaia stammered in confusion looking from his straight face to her apartment door.
“I have something to tell you.” He said taking a look behind him. Just then, Emile rounded the corner followed by Noland.
“What in the…” She started, stopping as Olivier put his hand on her hip, pushing her lightly aside to look through the hole in the door.
Emile grabbed her gently by the arm and pulled her back to his side. “Just wait, we’ll explain.”
Olivier stood up again and backed a couple feet away from the door.
“What is he going to…?” Achaia started as Noland came around and kicked down the door. “What are you thinking?” Achaia yelled. “I could have called the landlord, he could have gotten us in. My dad isn’t going to get his deposit back now!”
“This way was faster.” Noland said taking a few steps into the apartment. He looked around cautiously, and proceeded inside, checking each room for intruders. He stepped back out seemingly satisfied, and Emile moved forward, Achaia’s arm still in his grasp.
When all four of them were inside Olivier set the door back into its frame and stood in front of the hole.
“People just don’t do that in real life!” Achaia argued looking from the door to Noland with what must have been a very stern look. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Y’all are really starting to freak me out.”
“I’m really sorry,” Emile said sincerely. He had his arm around her now, still with his hand on her arm, he began to rub it up and down. It was soothing, despite her anger. “Let us explain.”
She wiggled away from him and clung to the counter for support. Emile dropped his eyes to the floor with an abashed look on his face. Noland’s mouth flinched in the direction of a smile before he and Olivier exchanged loaded glances.
Noland walked around the room and yanked something off the refrigerator. “He’s gone,” He exclaimed handing the note to Emile. “We’re too late.”

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