Review: Waking Up Married

7:17:00 AM

Author: Mira Lyn Kelly
Published: December 1, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin KISS
224 pages (Ebook)


Her first thought: "Who are you?"

It's the morning after her cousin's bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. Even worse, she's in a stranger's penthouse having woken up with something else as well - a funny, arrogant, sexy...husband!
Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible - been there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good. Then a few martinis with, Connor Reed and she's gone from first meet to marriage in one night!
Megan wants a lawyer. But Connor's shocking bombshell?

"I don't want a divorce."


As soon as I read the synopsis of this book, I said to myself "I freaking need to read this!" And so here I am, ready to tell the world how much I enjoyed reading this awesome book.

First, I'd like to congratulate Ms. Kelly for writing a hookable book. Others may say that this book is cheesy, cliche and unrealistic. Those people just can't appreciate the beauty of this book. It totally hooked me from the first page until the very last one. It was a fun experience for me.

Well, can I say that I've got a huge crush on Connor Reed? Yep, you read that right. :) The guy's just so .... *thinks of the right word to describe him* *le sigh* I really can't find a word to describe him. But let me tell you, Connor Reed is every girl's dream guy. I'm so willing to marry a guy like him! He's the man!

If you guys are looking for some light reading and just want some fluffy stuff then this book is the right one for you. Go read Waking Up Married and feel free to squeal over the cuteness of this book!

P.S. This book contains some sex scene so read at your own risk.


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