Camp Boyfriend Read-a-long

9:27:00 AM

Hiyaaaa! :) You guys probably thought that I fell off the face of the Earth which I assure you that I'm not (this post is a proof enough). I dealt with my personal problems that's why I disappeared in the blogosphere for awhile. And my grandfather recently died so I am still in the mourning period but that doesn't stop me from joining this read-a-long! I already owned a copy of Camp Boyfriend (which Joanne sent to me for review purpose, thanks!) but I haven't read it yet because of some personal reasons that's why I decided to join this read-a-long. Isn't it better to have a reading buddy whom you can talk to (or in this case, you can chat to) whilst reading the book? Add to the fact that the release of 2nd book of the Camp Boyfriend series is nearing so this is the perfect timing to join this read-a-long.

Interested to join? Just click the banner above for more details. Come join us! We have cookies here.

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  1. Not really into this genre, so I won't be joining, but I truly bid you fun! I hosted my first read along lately for Brandson Sanderson's WAY OF KINGS and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Discussing with other fans is so exhiliarating. I hope you get to have the same experience, love!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews