Review: Aberrant

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Author: Ruth Silver
Series: Aberrant #1
Published: April 17, 2013
Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing


In the future Dystopian society of Cabal, the government instills equality for all and offers its citizens the perfect system. There is food, shelter and jobs for everyone. The one requirement is to follow the rules without question, including the government's match in marriage and "The Day of the Chosen", a lottery that randomly selects families to conceive children as natural means hasn't existed in generations. Following her eighteenth birthday, Olivia Parker accepts her requirement to marry her childhood best friend, Joshua Warren, and is eager to start her work assignment and new life when it all comes abruptly to an end as she's arrested and thrown in prison. The only crime committed, her existence. Olivia is unlike the rest of the world born not from "The Day of the Chosen." The truth haunts the government and puts her life in grave danger as one simple fact would destroy the perfect system.

With Joshua's help, Olivia breaks free of prison and is forced on the run. Together they set out to find the promised rebel town in search of a new home and new life together. Their situation seems less than promising as they reach the town of Haven. New rules and customs must be adhered to in order to stay. Leaving would mean most certain death in the large expanse of the Gravelands. Time is running out as the government mounts an attack to destroy Olivia and bury her secret with her. Thrown into a world unlike their own, they must quickly adapt to survive.


I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

In the society of Cabal, when a girl or boy turns eighteen years old, he/she will have to marry the chosen match that the government selected for them. Women can longer conceive in their time that’s why the government created a lottery which is designed to give a child to the family that will be picked. At the day that Olivia Parker turns eighteen, she was matched to her childhood bestfriend, Joshua Warren. Olivia couldn’t be happier at that time because imagine, she got matched with her bestfriend among the entire guys that turned eighteen that day. At the night of their marriage, Olivia was captured by the government without telling the reason as to why. Later on, she discovered that she is the last child that was conceived naturally and that everyone suspect that she too, can give birth to a child in a natural way. When the rebel breaks her out in prison, she together with Joshua venture outside the city’s wall and discovers that there’s a lot more secrets out there.

Aberrant is your typical Dystopian novel. With its secretive government, oppressive rebels and on the run protagonist. You can also see a lot of similarities from Matched, Divergent and even The Hunger Games. I don’t have a problem with books having similarities from other books. Almost all of the concepts or plots are already used so it’s no wonder that we’ll find books that have the same concepts. Admit it, it’s hard to find a book nowadays that has a unique concept to it. Though most books have the same concept, it is the job of the author to add some flare or twist on his/her book that will differentiate his/her book from the other books. In this case, Ms. Ruth added the concept of women not having the ability to bear a child anymore. I don’t know about you but it is my first time to read a book with this kind of idea. It’s unique and it makes me think of the what ifs. What if this will really happen? How will the family have a child? And that’s a good sign of a book, it makes you wonder, it makes you question and it makes you imagine the possibility of this happening in real life.

I can’t say that I love the characters in this book because I don’t. But I also don’t hate them. Olivia is an okay protagonist for me. She’s not whiny and she’s also not angsty which is good. And she doesn’t annoy me too. But she’s too plain for me, there’s nothing really special on her (well, aside from the fact that she can bear child unlike the others). Now, let’s go to Josh. Josh is the only character that I love in this book. He’s a deviant from most of the guys we can find in the other Dystopian novels. He’s not your typical I’m-so-tough-and-angsty-but-honestly-I’m-cuddly-and-sweet-on-the-inside kind of guy. Joshua Warren is a sweet and caring guy. He doesn’t like to be separated to Olivia. And he’s very protective to her. Plus, he’s so swooooooony! >.<

My favorite part in this book is the proposal of Josh to Olivia. Eeeee! >.< Even though they’re already married, he still proposes to her. It’s so sweet and a very considerate gesture. And the words that Josh said is just so …. Eeeeee! It seriously made me squeal and flail around when I read his lines at that part of the book. :D

Are you a fan of Matched, Divergent or Hunger Games? Then Aberrant is surely the right book for you. With its action packed scenes that can take you on the edge of your seat or bed and its swoony propsosal scene (-cough- Did I already said that it’s my favorite? -cough-). What are you waiting for? Go read Aberrant.

About the Author:

Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of Aberrant. The Young Adult/New Adult Romantic Dystopian Adventure, Aberrant is the first in a trilogy, released April 17th, 2013. Silver first began writing poetry as a teenager and reading heaps of fan fiction in her free time. She attended Northern Illinois University in 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication. While in college she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, Deuces are Wild, which she self-published in 2004. Her favorite class was Creative Writing senior year where she often handed in assignments longer than the professor required because she loved to write and always wanted to finish her stories. Her love of writing, led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia. Silver enjoys reading YA/NA novels and sharing her favorite books with other readers. She also enjoys photography, traveling and of most of all writing.

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