Review + Giveaway: Starkissed

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Author: Brynna Gabrielson
Published: August 14, 2012
Publisher: Brynna Gabrielson
141 pages (Ebook)


Kissing movie star Grant West may be every teenage girl’s dream, but when it happens to Sydney Kane, it’s nothing but a nightmare. Sure he’s cute, but having her face plastered all over celebrity gossip blogs is not something she’s interested in. Now cheerleaders are trying to befriend her, reporters won’t stop calling, and her mother keeps chasing her with a curling iron so she won’t be caught by the paparazzi with flat hair ever again.

Forgetting Grant is all Sydney wants and Colin, the guy she’s had a crush on since seventh grade, seems like a pretty good way to do it. Then Grant shows up at Sydney’s door begging for a second chance and the more she gets to know him, the more she isn’t sure she wants him to go away. But with Grant in the picture, Colin is backing off and she definitely doesn’t want that. Everything is a mess and Sydney doesn’t know what to do, who to choose, or how to make those pesky cheerleaders leave her alone. She only knows one thing for sure, being STARKISSED isn’t a dream come true at all


Sydney Kane is the odd ball in her family. She has a flat brown hair, green eyes and a pale skin while her sisters are all blonde, has blue eyes and tanned skin. People often mistook her as their distant cousin or relative rather than their sister. While all her sisters are well known, Sydney is just a mere shadow—a nobody. But Sydney’s alright in being like that. She’s contented with her life and then the unexpected happen. Sydney’s life turned upside down because of a one kiss from a hot guy that she met in the restaurant. What she didn’t know is that the guy who kissed her is a famous celebrity and a renowned actor.

Starkissed started a bit off for me. I honestly got confused about the names of Sydney’s sisters. I sometimes got mixed it up. Maybe it’s the fact that all their names started in letter A or maybe it’s just me and my inability to remember names. (-__-“) And here’s the thing, I thought that Grant will just be a secondary character in this book and it’s Colin that Sydney will end up with. I mean, who wouldn’t be trick into thinking like that, if all Sydney could think at the first few chapters is Colin and let’s not forget that Grant reappeared (after their kiss) much longer so you really couldn’t blame me into thinking like that. Though I didn’t instantly like Starkissed, I later on started to like it. It made me laugh like a mad woman because the dialogues are just so freaking hilarious. Ms. Gabrielson surely knows how to make a reader laugh with her lines. ;)

My favorite character in this book will be Sydney’s dad. Guess you didn’t see that coming, did you? ;) Sydney’s dad has the funniest lines among the other characters (or maybe I’m just the only one who found it funny *shrugs*) but seriously, her dad is the coolest! Sure, her dad is strict but aren’t all dads like that? And her dad is also bipolar too. Hahaha. Yes, you read that right, her dad is bipolar. He goes from mad at this moment then happy at the next one. He seriously have a bad case of a moody person. I also find her dad eccentric (in a good kind of eccentric). He somehow reminds me of my dad.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and light read then Starkissed is the right book for you. You will found yourself laughing at the dialogues and at the way the characters act in this book. Ms. Gabrielson created a book that has all the ingredients of what the readers are looking for in a book (or maybe that’s just me). A humorous dialogues, quirky characters and a romance that will surely make you giggle and squeal in delight.

About the Author: 

Though she hails from the small town of Ladysmith, British Columbia in Canada, Brynna currently lives in the not-so-small town of Oxford in the United Kingdom, where she has just completed her Master of Arts Degree in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. When she’s not writing she reads, loses hours on the internet, and watches far too much TV for her own good. 

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  1. We really want to read this book. It looks like a perfect summer read! =)

  2. Hi! I hadn't heard of this book until I stumbled across your blog from Ruth Silver's blog (I think we are both on her Street Team!!)
    Come pop by and check out my family run book review blog if you have time and follow us on twitter/facebook ect! Thanks & I really enjoyed checkin out your blog!

  3. This kind of book is a must when you're on a reading spree. Those light, fun and not overly dramatic kind of books. This sounds fun and exciting. Imagine being that close to a celebrity!

    Charlie @ Letter Trails

  4. Pretty cover. (I'm a cover junkie so that's the first thing that came to mind)

  5. good review. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  6. This book surely seems an interesting and humorous one.
    And it also gives an insider consequences of being close to celebrity, which we always dream of. :D
    Nice review and giveaway.

  7. Interesting and full of surprises! :))

  8. This sounds super cute and sometimes I really get in the mood for something light and sweet. I think I would get the sisters' names mixed up too because I'm real bad with names! :P