I'm baaaaaaaack! (excuses and a giveaway)

12:47:00 AM

If you visit my blog occasionally, you can see the rarity of a new post these past few months. That's because I've been in a semi-hiatus. The reasons why I took a break in blogging were the following:

-School (Yes, this was the top reason. School was just pure torture)
-Our play (I became one of the actresses in our school play and that means I need to practice A LOT)
-Depression (Mainly because I became undecided whether I will pursue the course I am taking now or shift to another one)
-Reading Slump (I didn't finish any book I would read in those months. I read a book then will get too lazy to finish it so I will start another one then will not finish it again. The whole cycle would just repeat itself)

That list made me see that almost all of my reasons were connected to school. See? School, mainly my school, loves to torture me. Pure evil. Haha. But worry not folks, I can proudly say that I'm back for good. *some upbeat music starts playing* *dances around* I know you guys missed me (assuming much?) so I have some surprises for you.

In celebration for my comeback (I made it sound like I'm away for so many years), I'll be having a giveaway! Yaaay! What am I giving away, you ask?

One paperback copy of Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout + swags (some of it are signed). Sadly, this is open only for those people who lives in the PHILIPPINES. Do not frown yet International peeps. Because I love you guys so much and doesn't want you to be left out, I prepared another giveaway for you. I will also be giving away ebooks (Sorry. International shipping is cost-y) of these books..
So what are you waiting for? Go fill up the Rafflecopter forms now. And may the Rafflecopter gods be ever in your side! ;)

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  1. Welcome back! I've been on a reading slump lately as well, and its sucks buttcheeks! Anyways, hi and may you break free of the curse of the reading slump!

  2. I really want to win the distance between us ;) I absolutely adore the book. Thanks for the giveaway !

  3. hi! of all the books you have read so far, what's your most favorite? :D and what is your christmas wish?

  4. Being on a reading slump sucks! I need to take a break for about a week from reading to get over it!