Annoying main character in a confusing world ~Justice Buried (Starbright #1) by Hilary Thompson

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Title: Justice Buried (Starbright #1)
Author: Hilary Thompson
Format acquired: ebook
Source: Free on kindle
Publication date: January 15, 2014


The people need Justice, but she's not listening.

One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three dystopian cities. Now the community of Asphodel is trapped underground, waiting for the prophesied maiden of Justice to rescue them.

Sixteen-year-old Astrea is supposed to be this savior - too bad for them she isn't a believer. Astrea fights her fate until discovering a power she never knew she had, and a handsome ally she never expected. With her life in danger, Astrea must choose between saving her city or herself.

This thrilling young adult adventure is the first in the richly-imagined Starbright series, which is laced with mystery, mythology, romance, and magic. Justice Buried will have you questioning fate versus free will along with Astrea's strong female lead, and wondering who can be trusted when everyone is keeping secrets.


Justice Buried was a book that almost made me hurl my phone (because I was reading on my kindle app) across the wall. This book was so frustrating and had the most annoying and dense main character.

Astrea—the main protagonist in this book—was so whiny and annoying. I absolutely disliked her. She always complains about how she doesn’t have a choice in her fate but she doesn’t do a thing to remedy it. Also, I hate how she’s so dense and so blind to the fact that Lexan was the one meant for her and not that freaking outsider. Ugh. If I could slap her in the face to make her see that Lexan’s feelings for her was genuine, I would do it already. It’s just so frustrating to see Lexan (my poor baby) sad.

Speaking of Lexan, he’s the only character that I loved in this book. He’s charming, genuine and handsome. I can tell that he’s just putting on a mask so that people can’t see how lonely he is. He just wants someone who will love him for him. He somehow reminds me of Warner in the Shatter Me trilogy. I hope he’ll get his happy ending at the end of this series. And that he and Astrea (no matter how much I hated her, I still want her to be with him) will end up together in the end.

The world building for this book was still confusing and disorganized to me. I tried to understand how the world in this book works but I failed at that. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s how the author explained and described the world in this book.

Justice Buried has a good concept but I think the author failed at executing it. I had high hopes that I would love this book but sadly, that’s not the case. I am still interested to read the following books in this series though. Not because of my love for it but because I want to know if Lexan (my precious favorite character) will have his happy ending. I’ll be reading the sequel of this book some time in the near future.

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  1. HAHA! I don't like it either when the heroine is so whiny!

    1. Whiny characters are the bane of my existence. :D