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I'm one day behind my scheduled date for this tour. I was supposed to post this on the 14th but because I had practice for our theater play that day, I went home late. So here I am typing this post up at midnight of the 15th. Well, enough for my excuses. Without further ado ..

Title: Hello
Author: Addie Lynn C. Co
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What if The One actually walks up to you and even says hello, would you greet back or turn your back unknowingly that you have actually met? Would you know when you’ve actually met?

Serendipity is a funny thing that brings a tinge of bittersweet bliss to anyone who is fortunate to experience it. Hello is a trilogy that explores how serendipitous life can sometimes be.

Definitely, Maybe is a story of how fate plays with two people as they meet each decade hoping that maybe this time around, they can finally be together.

Almost Mismatch tells how two people so right for each other be so wrong and no matter how much they try to suppress their feelings, true love will not stop at anything. What is meant to be will be.

Finally, Dinner Date portrays how two people’s search for love could take them to different places and people only to lead them back to where they started.

The world is just like a huge maze that no matter what direction one walks to, there will always be one final destination. There seems to be an invisible string that is handcuffed to two people on each end and unsuspectingly pulls these two people destined for each other back together no matter how long it takes.


Though it took Thea and Wesley a lot of tries to catch the waves and successfully surf, they had so much fun doing so. They got all exhausted by the end of the day but it was all worth it. Thea felt as if she were a dolphin swimming among the waves. She felt so free like she hadnothing to worry about. Thea realized that she felt safe and comfortable with Wesley.

Suddenly, the thought made Thea nervous. She can’t possibly be falling for Wesley, right? It’s all just pretend. But if that were the case, Wesley didn’t have to pretend since Mrs. Samonte was not around. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“You’re thinking way too much!” Thea told herself.

“Dear, what are you wearing?!” Mrs. Samonte asked as she approached Thea who was sitting by the shore staring out into the ocean. “This is the beach! Why are you wearing a jacket?” Seth, one of Wesley’s brothers asked.

Thea changed into this jacket when she got soaked up.

“Remove that and show them how fabulous the bikini I bought look on you.” Mrs. Samonte said as she began to pull on the jacket. Thea pulled back as she and Mrs. Samonte looked like they were playing tug of war.

“Aren’t you hot?” Chris, Wesley’s other brother of asked. Finally, Mrs. Samonte won the game of tug of war, revealing Thea wearing nothing but the red bikini.
Thea may not possess the body of a super model but she sure looked sexy with the red bikini on. It showed off her trim legs and her curves.

“Whoa! I was right! She is hot! Hot under that jacket!” Thea heard Seth say. She felt more and more eyes on her, even Wesley’s. Once again, she can feel herself melting in embarrassment. She was not used to being the center of attention. She was used to always be in the background with Lila as the main attraction. But now it seemed as though they have switched places and the status quo was a mess.

“You’re lucky to have her, Wes!” Chris said to him.

Thea felt her cheeks flush a bright shade of pink. “Come on, Thea! Let’s take a swim!” Lila said trying to save Thea from the awkwardness and from Wesley’s eyes. She didn’t want to take a chance on making Wesley admire Thea even more.

As they swam, Lila searched for the opportunity to make Thea leave for good. As Lila saw the waves crashing on them, the opportunity popped right in front of her eyes.

“I’ll just go grab a drink. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.” Lila said. “Okay. I’ll just stay here and dip some more.” Thea replied and turned back to face the waves.

Before Lila left, she pulled the string of Thea’s bikini. Thea didn’t notice that the bikini was untied because of the crashing waves on her skin. Lila left in a hurry. When the waves subsided, Thea felt her breasts growing colder, like the skin had direct contact with the water. She looked down and saw how naked the truth was. She was indeed naked. She looked around and saw her bikini washed away by the waves further to the center of the ocean.

Thea panicked a little but tried to stay calm. She did not know how she’ll get out without people noticing her naked breasts. She moved farther into the ocean so she can soak deeper covering her breasts just below the water. She just has to wait for Lila to get back so that she can get her a shirt or something.

About the Author  

Addie grew up reading Sweet Valley High books and Nancy Drew mystery books. She finished a degree in Communication Arts and really wanted to pursue a career in film making but due to high production costs of a film, she opted to tell her stories through her novels. Being the hopeless romantic that she was, she will stop at nothing to share her passion with everyone and hopes that she could infect others with it. She’s a daydreamer by day and an author by night.

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