Dewey Readathon Hour 18-19 Updates

11:44:00 PM

BOOOOOOO! *makes funny faces*

Did that made you awake? No? Awww. :( Here's a cup of coffee for you. *gives virtual coffee* Anyways, I have a feeling that I'll be reading only 1 book in this readathon. I keep getting distracted in the internet. So here are my updates...

Hour 18-Mini Challenge (Book Jenga)

I am quite proud of that book house (I can't call it a tower since it's not really that tall to be a tower) that I made. :D

Hour 19- Mini Challenge (Show it Off)

I truly adore Of Poseidon so when I received a signed copy of Of Triton from Anna freaking Banks herself, I seriously dances around our house. My family kept looking at me weirdly at that time. :)

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  1. Signed books are so exciting! I didn't end up doing a book tower, but yours looks awesome :)

    1. Thank you! :) It took me several attempts before I'm able to make that book house.