Dewey Readathon Updates

8:44:00 AM

Hour 2 - Mini Challenge (Book Tunes)
   I am currently reading This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith. The song that first pops into my mind is The Dance by Westlife. The song is about reminiscing memories and not regretting anything you do and if happiness have an image then it will be those good memories I have. Because for me, memories is what happy looks like.

Hour 3
   Unfortunately, I'm still stuck reading This is What Happy Looks Like. I was distracted the whole hour because of the internet that I didn't have any progress with my reading. Sheesh. I'm a slacker today. :\

Hour 4 - Mini Challenge (Book Spine Poetry)
Ta-dah! I know it didn't sound poetic. It's like a prophesy of sort. *facepalm*

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