I'm joining #IndieReadathon2016!

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Last 2013, I joined an event called Indie-Self Published Author Event hosted by Say It With Books. Through that event, I discovered some hidden gems. So because of that I decided to look for an event that's about indie authors/books for this year because I want to widen my scope of reading. I just don't want to focus on those traditionally published books, indie books need some love and recognition too. So I contacted the people behind Say It With Books and asked if they're planning to do the Indie-Self Published Author Event again, but unfortunately they can't since they're too busy to organize the said event. I was disappointed to be honest. And so I get on with my life. Few months later, I read a tweet about an indie read-a-thon. I was ecstatic and so here I am, informing the world about it.

Indie Readathon is a read-a-thon hosted by Lacey from Booklovers for Life, Angie from Angie and Jessica's Dreamy Reads and Sarah from Words with Sarah. The rules are simple. You read an indie book. It can either be by an self-pub/indie author or a hybrid author (an author who publishes both traditionally and independently), but the books you read should be published independently. What's good about this readathon is that there's no pressure as to how many books you will read. It's all up to you! The readathon will begin on August 28 and ends on September 12. If you want to know more about it, just go visit the blogs of the lovely hosts of this readathon.

My goal for this readathon

-To read and review as many indie books as I can

I won't give a specific number of books because that's just a failure waiting to happen. I'm bad at setting a reading goal for myself. I always end up not reading anything because I get overwhelmed by the goal that I set myself up. So yeah, I'll basically just read as many as I can and enjoy the reading experience. I hope I'll discover some hidden gems along the way. I really hope you guys will join this readathon because there are a lot of awesome indie books that are just waiting for you to discover. Who knows, you might find your next favorite book through this readathon. ;)

P.S. I added a new shelf on Goodreads named #indiereadathon2016. The books in that shelf are the ones that I'm hoping to read for this readathon. You can check that out if you're not sure as to what books to read for this readathon.

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  1. Thank you so much for joining! So glad to have you! <3

  2. Thanks so much for joining us!<3 It's going to be a lot of fun :D