Welcome to the world where "Gods" walk amongst humans ~ Welcome to the Underworld by Con Template

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Title: Welcome to the Underworld (Welcome to the Underworld #1)
Author: Con Template
Format acquired: ebook
Source: Bought
Publication date: December 10, 2012


There is a secret society that presides over every world. This society is so powerful that it can control a nation, strike fear into the bravest of men and bring turmoil onto the most unsuspecting of victims.

There is a dangerous society in Seoul that is plaguing Choi Yoori.

Her world is turned upside down when she is told that she bears a strong resemblance to the “Queen of the Underworld,” a notorious Underworld crime lord who died 3 years prior—the exact same time Yoori woke up with amnesia. The dangers of this new world is crashing in on her and Yoori's only grip on stability lies with the guidance from her crime lord boss and the secrets the Queen of the Underworld hid from her powerful society.

Welcome to a world where “Gods” walk amongst humans. Where the heartless and vengeful are revered like Kings and Queens—and the weak, the distracted are punished without mercy.

It is a cruel world and once you’re in, the only exit is death.


When I found out that this book’s setting was in South Korea, it definitely piqued my interest. And finding out that this was a mafia book heightened my interest. I’ve always been fascinated over mafia books so it’s no wonder that I immediately read this one after knowing about it.

Welcome to the Underworld is a book about a secret underworld society or what we call the mafia. The story revolves around Choi Yoori, the main character of the story who resembles the “Queen of the Underworld” who died 3 years ago—the exact same time Yoori got her amnesia. She meets one of the prominent Kings of the Underworld, Kwon Tae Hyun, and that’s where all the batshit started.

I liked the action scenes in this book though there weren’t that many to begin with, which was a bit disappointing since I expected more because when you read a mafia book, there’s got to be a lot of fight scenes but it seems like that’s not the case in this one. It’s understandable though because I view Welcome to the Underworld as the topping in a whole chocolate cake. The world building in this book was shaky. It’s slow paced. Don’t expect to know all the inner workings of the Underworld when you read this. The main character, Yoori, wasn’t that exposed in the mafia world in this one. Most of the time, she was being kept in the dark. I think this book focused more on introducing the characters and their backgrounds than the world building. I assumed that with how this book ended, the world building will happen in the next book.

Aside from the action scenes, I also liked the side characters specifically Jae Won and Kang Min. When the connection between these two characters was revealed, I felt so attached to them. They’re such precious characters and I am looking forward to see more of them in the 2nd book. It’s quite opposite with how I felt with Tae Hyun. His character made me so annoyed, though there were some instances that I would like him but majority of the book, I hated his suave-ness. I’m the black sheep among the sea of Tae Hyun’s admirers.

What else did I like in this book? Oh. I loved Yoori’s sass. And also her internal monologues. Those were fun to read! Aside from those, there’s nothing else special about her character that appealed to me. I’m more attached to the side characters than the main ones.

Overall, Welcome to the Underworld left me with question marks and attachment towards the side characters. With how things ended in this book, I’m sensing that the 2nd book will contain more actions and answers to the questions that are floating in my head right now. I’ll certainly read the next one.

Here are some quotes from the book that stuck in my mind

"That's all that you are in this world. You're just a girl. A girl amongst a society of people trained to be Gods and killers."

"How can you make such a promise?" Yoori smile sleepily before answering her own question. "Because you're a King in this world?"

Tae Hyun smiled. "Because I am a God in this world--because they will all kneel before me soon. And when they kneel before me, I will have them fall to their knees for you as well."

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