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I saw this book tag on Nut Free Nerd's blog and even though I'm not tagged to do this, I'm going to do it anyway. :D It looks fun so here it goes!

Who didn't laugh while reading 52 Reasons to Hate My Father? If you didn't, are you a robot? This book was so hilarious! Lexi, the main character of this book, was so funny. The things she did in this book made me laugh so much. This was such a fun read! If you haven't read this one, go read it. It'll brighten up your day.

Among all the books that made me cry, The Host was the book that made me shed my tears the most. It doesn't even have a sad ending. It's just that there's a particular scene in this book that made me bawl my eyes so much. I remember that I was trying to muffle my cries because it was already 2 in the morning and everyone's asleep and I was just on my bed, curled up and lying on my soaked pillow. I want to reread this book, but I’m still trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself when that time comes.

I’m not fond of reading scary books so the only book that I could think of, is Anna Dressed in Blood. I read this book years ago so I can’t remember much about it. But I remember that it made me so scared that I even wouldn’t go to the bathroom alone at night. 

Do I really need to explain why Dirty Red incited so much anger in me? I only have four words for you: Leah, that fucking bitch.

A Great and Terrible Beauty was a torture for me. Ugh. I never want to talk about this book again.

I'm tagging:
Krutula of YA on my Mind
Isabella of The Book Pandas
Temecka of Library of Tomes
Elizabeth of Belle of the Books

If there's anyone who also wants to do this book tag then consider yourself tagged. I'd love to know what you guys think of the books I've picked. What books made you feel those emotions? Let me know in the comments. ;)

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  1. This tag looks so fun, I might have to do it! I've never actually read any of these ones, but A Great and Terrible Beauty has been on my TBR list for ages! I've heard good things about Anna Dressed in Blood, but I'm such a chicken lol!

    1. You should do this book tag! I am tagging you. ;) Honestly, I wouldn't recommend you reading A Great and Terrible Beauty. Of course, we have different taste in books and I don't want to stop you from reading it. But seriously don't read it. Bwahahaha! :D

  2. Unfortunately I've never read any of those books but I'll take note of those things you mentioned, the good and the bad. I have never or will never read a scary book. Scary movies already creep me out for months, so I don't want my imagination to go crazy with a scary book haha! This tag was so fun! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! You should do this tag too. :) Oh gods. I hate watching scary movies. I think if I have to choose between watching a scary movie and reading a scary book, I'd chose reading a scary book. One time, I accidentally watched a scene in a scary movie wherein a guy chopped the head of a person. IT SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. Whenever I see a train, I always think of that particular scene. I CAN'T EVEN. HUHUHUHU.

  3. What a great tag!